Chemical Process Technology in 2021

Chemical Process Technology in 2021

Chemical technology is one of the major technologies used in processing raw natural materials into usable products. Chemical processing is an excellent way of making changes to chemical compounds. Typically, it is done to change the raw material’s chemical structure to obtain top-notch products.

Chemical processing helps in making changes to the chemical compounds. It is mainly done to get a completely new products of a higher value to other firms. Furthermore, the chemical processing of metals is also carried out in industries using various methods. These metals, of course, have one aim, which is to increase not only the strength but also the corrosion resistance of the metal products.

Methods used for chemical processing of metal
• Spraying (low-pressure blasting)
• Immersion
• Steam water jet
The special units for chemical surface preparation are used to implement the first two methods. The choice of method depends on the production program, configuration and dimensions of products, production areas and several other factors.

High performance is provided through continuous spraying. An essential advantage of the pass-through type AHPP is done by using a conveyor for the areas of the material and painting of products.

This is another chemical process technology method used on metals. For metal processing by immersion, AHPP is used. It consists of a series of mixing equipment, a conveyor, piping and a drying chamber. Products are transported using a telpher, auto operator or overhead crane, and the immersion tool requires significantly less floor space than the spray tool.

The steam-jet
This type of chemical process technology is used to prepare large-sized items for painting. It is possible to use steam-jet chemical processing of metal. Metalworking is carried out by the operator manually with a barrel-cleaner. A steam-water mixture is sprayed onto the products at a temperature of 140C while adding special chemicals.